Thursday, July 26, 2007

Galloway too far

The Flying Rodent speaks truth.
It seems like everybody's queueing up to put the boot into George Galloway these days.

Personally, I've always regarded him as a shameless, self-promoting opportunist with no more a sense of morality than an alleycat, attributes that he has found endlessly useful in politics.

Oh, and the money shot. As it were.
In fairness though, he's skyrocketed in my estimation after becoming the first Member of Parliament to speak the phrase "Spunk-Loving Sluts" in the House, an act that could only have been more amusing had he thrown a few copies of that publication down to the front bench for Cabinet perusal.

But, primarily, Galloway is still a mad, staring, lying, hypocritical cunt who, frankly, seems to be over-reacting to being banned from the House since he is never actually bloody there anyway.

The fucking twat.


tyger said...

You luuurve him really, DK.

C4' said...

DK, you should have seen me bait Galloway into an impotent rage a couple of years ago over his dodgy dealing with successive six-figure payments made to him by the Pakistani government.

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