Monday, July 09, 2007

Ambitious adaptation

Dizzy notes that Caroline Digby-Pratt Sir Digby Jones is a man of... er... flexible principles.
So lets get this straight, the former head of the CBI and new Labour minister and peer in Brown's Government, Digby Jones, flirted with the Lib Dems about becoming a peer; approached Michael Howard about becoming an MP with the Tories; and approached Cameron about a London mayoral bid too?

For someone to hop around the parties looking for a job certainly shows he is ambitious, but what does it say about his political principles?

Well, your humble Devil thinks that it indicates that Sir Digby Jones would fit in very well amongst the rest of the slippery, unprincipled, corrupt, avaricious, meglomaniac, totalitarian, thieving cunt-wipes who inhabit the Mother of all Parliaments.

How good of the Gobblin' King finally to give this little turd a job in his Cabinet. Can you smell the change in the air? Can you sniff the olfactory frisson of the transition to a new, more honest style of politics, free from spin?

No, nor can I.

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