Monday, June 04, 2007

Mote and beam...

Via Not Saussure, this lovely story showing that there really is nothing too authoritarian for smokers.
If European officials get their way, the beleaguered smoker's last refuge - a useful source of office gossip, though decidedly chilly in winter - will be swept away under the expansion of smoking 'exclusion zones'.

The EU is now considering a proposal signalling the first move to limit smokers' right to puff away outdoors. It states that, as well as a ban on lighting up in all workplaces and public buildings across Europe: 'Restrictions could also be extended to outdoor areas around entrances to buildings and possibly to other outdoor public places where people sit or stand in immediate proximity to each other, such as open air stadiums and entertainment venues, bus shelters, train platforms etc.'

I can't help thinking that the EU really should put its own fucking house in order before ordering everyone else about, the stinking bunch of whore-cunt, fuck-stick arse-wipes.

Remember the ban on smoking in the European Parliament? And how they backtracked after only 6 weeks? So, having failed to enforce their own fucking ban, they now want to stop people smoking outside or "immediate proximity to each other".

Furthermore, I would like to remind you all that the EU is subsidising tobacco growing to the tune of €920 million (£620 million) this year alone. Can anyone say, "hypocrisy"? Oh yes, and "totalitarianism".

I won't ask anyone to say "freedom" since it is swiftly becoming synonymous with "alien" in this benighted country.

UPDATE: and now, via The Englishman, we find that the current cost of implementing the smoking ban in England is running £100 fucking million overbudget. Current costs are a frankly staggering £1.6 billion. Yes, that's £1.6 billion. For fuck's sake, they are spending our money like bloody water: no wonder Tax Freedom Day is so late.

Can we execute them all yet?

UPDATE 2: and don't forget the £80 fine for stubbing your fag out on the pavement! You can expect to see a lot of burning bins, I suspect.

And can anyone tell me why something like chewing gum, which costs millions of pounds a year in specialist cleaning, does not have a similar specific fine?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Chewing gum will be next, no doubt. Ah well, as long as they don't ban schoolkids from playing conkers...

assegai mike said...

One of the major backers of the £80 thing is the Keep Britain Tidy group, an organisation so low profile that I thought they disappeared with the Wombles. But no. They seem wholly unconcerned with public gobbing, pavement chewing gum, dog shit, graffiti, fly tipping and other genuine blights of the outdoor environment and have con gusto jumped on the fuck a smoker up the arse without lube bandwagon. Cunts.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why chewing gum doesn't have a specific fine, but as there was a gob of it on my path which I didn't see in the dark and now it is on my carpet, I can tell you I think a fine is wholly inadequate to express this member of society's disapproval.

I'm thinking creative justice, maybe something uncomfortable to do with the freezer spray and spatula I have necessarily acquired.

Mike said...

Animals go outside to do things - I do not. My car is parked just outside the door where I can smoke in comfort. Maybe my colleagues will join me in there. Try banning that, assholes...

As for the "immediate proximity to each other", this brings to mind the aspects of the legislation that protect smokers from smokers! No one drives that delivery van but you? Feel free to smoke. Got a smoking passenger in there with you? Now it must be smoke free! For the love of god, who wrote this shit?