Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hague: off the cuff, out of his depth

Trixy just happened to be in her club when the Tories were holding a press conference. And happened to catch poor old Billy Hague at a weak moment.
As people drifted off, it was just Hague left with his press lady, who informed him that he had a live interview lined up where they wanted to talk about the Litvinenko case and road pricing. Old Bill didn't look too happy at that news. In fact, if I recall correctly, he placed his hands on the bar, leaned on them and say he 'didn't know anything about road pricing' and that he wasn't that confident on Litvinenko.

I had a look at the interview on the TV and he was right, he didn't know that much. I'm so happy that a policy being debated in the House of Commons today which is of considerable importance, especially if Galileo has anything to do with it, is off the radar of the Shadow Foreign Affairs Secretary.

Poor old Billy! Go and read the rest, including why Galileo is important.

What I find extraordinary is that I know a decent amount about road-charging, and Litvinenko and I'm just a humble blogger, with real work to do too. If Hague hasn't got a decent idea about these subjects—and assuming that he is typical of all MPs—then just precisely what are we paying these cunts for?

Shouldn't our elected representatives have a pretty broad and detailed grasp of political issues? After all, that is what the bastards are paid for.


Bill said...

Shouldn't our elected representatives have a pretty broad and detailed grasp of political issues?

Probably, but at the same time it's refreshing to hear someone admit he doesn't know everything. I saw the same interview and, yes, he was 'weak' so he was only acknowledging what he knew to be true. Too many politicians blunder into topics they know nothing about.

Incidentally it astonished me how few MPs bothered to vote in the recent FoI exemptions debate and I think very few of them could have been indifferent to that particular issue; probably thought they should leave it to just a few of their colleagues to 'do the dirty' on the public.

haddock said...

I contacted my MP (tory) about why he did not vote on the FOI move...
"Thank you. As usual I was in my constituency on Friday so not available
to vote on this Private Members Bill. I think you will find that most
MPs keep Fridays for their constituency work."
which is about as pleasant as "a fuck off pleb and mind your own business response" as one would wish for.

xoggoth said...

My bro. in law is a Tory party chairman who has been to these things and he reckons Hague is taller than he looks. That must count for something. Maybe Prescott is not as fat and ugly as he looks. I reckon that when we vote we have a duty to try and consider these really essential issues.

verity said...

Perhaps Blair isn't as slyly insane as he looks, but I doubt it.

Mark Wadsworth said...

In reply to the question in the last para, "yes".

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