Friday, May 04, 2007

Communicating with your fists

I have been asked to take this down as I have been advised that I may not have the full story and that The Sun may have... er... been economical with the truth.

I have obliged for the present.


The Moai said...

Well said - it says a lot for you that you can honestly and fairly criticise other members of your party. Hopefully UKIP will listen and you can make the party the viable alternative it should be.

Much enjoyed the pints a few weeks back too....


Bag said...

I just did not realise how much the UKIP was lined up with mainstream politics until I read of 'alleged' fraud, drunks and racial abuse.

If these don't have a future in the UKIP then they will fit in well within any of the other parties.

Things are not looking up.

Roger Thornhill said...

No time for people like Lithgow. His removal should be something UKIP makes a point of publicising so as to show they will not stand for it.

UKIP does need a re-branding, however...big time.

Anonymous said...

Mr Devil,

How long before a newspaper picks up on your effing and ranting? Its the online equivalent of Lithgow's idiotic drunken behaviour. You are unlikely to get my NEC vote for this reason

Devil's Kitchen said...


If you look at the testimonials in the right hand sidebar, you will see that the journos already know about my effing and blinding.

Further, journos do occasionally email me to draw my attention to certain stories. As do the members of other parties.

Effing and blinding, in character, is one thing: calling someone "a fucking immigrant" is quite another, especially when that person is just trying to do their job.

Personally, I'm really not concerned as to whether you vote for me or not; in many ways, it would be far more advantageous for me personally not to be on the NEC.

If I am on the NEC, it means to a lot of work for nothing, and not being able to do paid work for the party for 3 years.

So, if I am elected I shall do my very best for the party; if I'm not elected I won't be tremendously bovvered.


james higham said...

Yes but DK, some might say a certain fruitiness in the vocabulary of a certain UKIP blogger might also be dubious. Of course that's bollocks, naturally.

JohnJo said...


I'll help you throw the fucker out. Let's show these liabilities what Scorched Earth really means.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand, nobody amongst those he is supposed to have been in charge of had sen him for a few months anyway. So no great loss there then.
And yes he should be thrown out immediately

M V Smith said...

If you can't hold your liquor don't drink and certainly if in a position of responsibility then definitely don't drink. Has to go

Peter Gardner said...

Thanks for your reply re. my comment on your effing and blinding. I appreciate what you say but surely you can see how your blog comments could form a part of the next Sunday Times or Sunday Telegraph demolition job? I know that the effing and blinding is sort of tongue in cheek but it won't look that way in a newspaper. They (the journos) could spin it for all its worth.

fido said...

Well I had to chuckle at the stupidity shown by him, still leave the best comment to Python..from the classic skit.

Ratbag: I don't like darkies.

Quizmaster: Ha ha ha (maniacal cackle) She doesn't like darkies. Ha ha ha. Who does? Ha ha ha! Well now, Mrs Scum, your second question for the blow on the head is: What is the main food eaten by penguins? What is the principal food that penguins eat?

Ratbag: Pork luncheon meat...etc

Unity said...

>>> They (the journos) could spin it for all its worth.

They could, but that could also be a two-edged sword.

Many people are sick and tired of the guarded and ultra-defensive approach foisted on politicians by the MSM - be honest, how many people here watch Question Time and find themselves screaming with frustration within the first ten minutes at the endless stream of anodyne, opinion-free crap spouted by politicos who desperate, above all else, not to drop a bollock.

I tried to watch QT this week and switched off no soon as they threw the question 'should the health secretary resign?'. Why?

What a complete crock of shit - with Patsy on the programme and a piss-boring panel, no one was realistically try to stick it to her properly on a question like that. They had a gilt-edged chance to try and nail her down on the MTAS fuck up by throwing in a substantive question that would force her to justify her position, and they ducked it. What's the use in that - nothing.

For all we have very different political outlooks, I've got a lot of time and respect for DK for much the same reasons I consider John Lydon a genius and Liam Gallagher a tedious fuckwit.

DK might give the odd masterclass in the art of the 21-cunt salute, but when does, he does it with a purpose to drive home a point and can back his comments up with solid argument.

Lydon has always been the same - he might piss someone off but when he does he knows precisely what he's doing, why he's doing it and what he's out to achieve.

That's what makes for a good swearblogger. Any twat can toss out a torrent of aimless abuse (see Liam Gallagher) but it takes intelligence and no small amount of craft to swear with purpose and intent in order to really drive a serious point home.

berenike said...


james higham said...

Focus is up.

Pogo said...

"The Sun", "economical with the truth"..? Surely, no...

Devil's Kitchen said...

Cheers for that sterling defense of my work, Unity...


Martin said...


I really do hate having to tell you this, but the original post is listed as one of last week's 'Best of the Blogs' in today's 'Sunday Herald'.

I shit you not.

Mail me your address and I'll send you the clipping.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

The Moai is correct - it's a big man who can look inwardly and criticize fairly. Such a man is head and shoulders above the rest.