Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bad news for Polly's paramour

Via James Cleverly, it seems that a majority of voters think that Brown should call a general election soon after he takes over.
Most voters believe there should be general election soon after Tony Blair steps down as prime minister, a poll for BBC Newsnight suggests.

Of 1,001 adults surveyed, 73% backed a snap election, including more than half of those who said they voted Labour.

It found that 52% of Labour voters backed an early election, along with 88% of Tory voters and 70% of Liberal Democrat supporters.

Naturally, Brown has rejected the prospect of a snap election.
But on Sunday [Brown] told GMTV: "I didn't hear Mr Cameron or the Conservatives calling for a general election the minute that John Major took over in 1990."

The fact is that it is extremely unlikely that this would happen. A snap election might be advantageous, not only in giving Brown some legitimacy, but also because so many of the small parties will have come close to emptying their coffers in the recent local elections.

However, NuLabour's financial position is still very dodgy too. The party is in hock to the tune of nearly £20 million and, with the investigation into the Loans for Peerages still ongoing, their ability to raise an election warchest—especially in view of their current problems with the Unions and their severely depleted membership—is looking distinctly problematic. In short, I doubt that NuLabour could afford to wage a general election campaign at this point in time.

Blair Reid
Very fine image courtesy of The Spine.
And, of course, it is far from certain that they would win.

Instead, expect to see Polly Toynbee desperately trying to ensure the legitimacy of her Big Norse Warrior; she will, no doubt, churn out article after article pointing out that Brown has been running the whole country for the last ten years anyway (apart from the bad bits) and that only he can continue to increase decrease inequality, bugger up save the NHS, keep people in raise people out of poverty, prop up deliver us from the ailing education system, and deliver a true economic fuck up of epic proportions miracle.

I can't wait...

UPDATE: Burning Our Money lays into Pol's grandfather, Professor Arnold J Toynbee.
Cloud cuckoo wishful thinking, no consideration of costs, naive disregard of practical implementation issues... you'd almost think we were talking about the £3bn Sure Start fiasco. Or any of Pol's many other pet nanny state money pits.

Who said we weren't slaves to our gene pool?

Yup, that sounds familiar...

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