Sunday, April 29, 2007

Technology helps nations develop and become richer shock!


Claverhouse said...

And this is good because... ?

Where there is coal, or oil, or water-power, there a new weapon can be forged against the heart of the Faustian Civilization. The exploited world is beginning to take its revenge on its lords. The innumerable hands of the coloured races — at least as clever, and far less exigent —will shatter the economic organization of the whites at its foundations. The accustomed luxury of the white workman, in comparison with the coolie, will be his doom. The labour of the white is itself coming to be unwanted. The huge masses of men centred in the Northern coal areas, the great industrial works, the capital invested in them, whole cities and districts, are faced with the probability of going under in the competition. The centre of gravity of production is steadily shifting away from them, especially since even the respect of the coloured races for the white has been ended by the World War. This is the real and final basis of the unemployment that prevails in the white countries. It is no mere crisis, but the beginning of a catastrophe. For these "coloured" peoples (including, in this context, the Russians) the Faustian technics are in no wise an inward necessity. It is only Faustian man that thinks, feels, and lives in this form. To him it is a spiritual need, not on account of its economic consequences, but on account of its victories — "navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse." For the coloured races, on the contrary, it is but a weapon in their fight against the Faustian civilization, a weapon like a tree from the woods that one uses as house.timber, but discards as soon as it has served its purpose. This machine-technics will end with the Faustian civilization and one day will lie in fragments, forgotten — our railways and steamships as dead as the Roman roads and the Chinese wall, our giant cities and skyscrapers in ruins like old Memphis and Babylon. The history of this technics is fast drawing to its inevitable close.. It will be eaten up from within, like the grand forms of any and every Culture.

Oswald Spengler 1931

Ergo: giving access to technology to developing nations merely hastens our own destruction.

James Barlow said...

I'll forestall any references to Godwin's Law by pointing out that the following statement is not an analogy.

Spengler was a Nazi.

Amongst other intellectual failings, he clearly fell into the standard (national) socialist trap of believing that there is only a finite amount of wealth in the world, and that one person becoming richer means someone else becoming poorer.

Civilisation is not a zero-sum game.

Rather than listing out some more recent technological benefits, I'll go back to first principles and state that I am unequivocally glad that - unlike my ancestors - I do not have to spend my life in fear of being disembowelled by a sabre-toothed tiger.

Claverhouse said...

It may not be an analogy; but the statement is though inutterably wrong. Spengler was not a nazi. He shared some views with them, as did also, say, German nationalists; yet he despised Hitler, was anti-racialist, and foresaw ruin for Germany from the rule of the National Socialists.

If you believe that the quotation above refers to economics --- one thing both marxist and capitalist materialists share is the reductionist rationale of economic determinism --- you are mistaken.

It is unlikely you will be eaten by a sabre-toothed tiger, since that has not been a threat for quite a while; but it is entirely possible your great-grandchildren will be working in a Chinese factory.

Myself, I'd prefer the tiger.

james higham said...

There is a more sinister plan afoot than that. Think Blackwater and the SPPNA and similar is in mind over here.

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