Monday, April 23, 2007

The BMA and smoking

Why is it that some of the cleverest people in our society can't simply shut the fuck up and concentrate on what they are good at, eh? If various bloody doctors aren't attempting to stop us from drinking what we want, when we want, then they are trying to stop us doing something else.

In this case, the British Medical Association are concentrating on smoking, in a new report designed to appeal to the government's most micro-managerialist, fascist fantasies.
A ban on the sale of 10-pack cigarettes is among a range of tough measures recommended in a report to protect children from the "tobacco trap".

The British Medical Association report also called for a rise in the cigarette purchase age to 18 from 16.

The report recommends licensing shops to sell cigarettes and keeping them under the counter. It says tobacco vending machines should be outlawed.

The BMA's UK-wide report looked at ways of "breaking the cycle" of children's exposure to tobacco smoke.

For fuck's sake, these people are arseholes, aren't they. Look, smoking under the age of 16 is already illegal. Why the fuck should this lead to a ban on cigarette vending machines (most commonly seen in pubs where people must be 18 years old)? If I run out of cigarettes after all the shops of shut, that's just my tough shit, is it?

And banning ten packs will probably lead to an increase in smoking; many people buy a ten pack because they know that if they buy twenty, they will smoke twenty. However, if they buy ten, then that is all that they will smoke. But, fucking hell, one can't expect the fucking BMA to get the concept of unintended consequences, eh? And one certainly cannot expect these bastards not to be paternalistic fucks either.

In the meantime, the BMA—which is supposed to represent the interests of doctors—has said precisely fuck all about the MTAS and MMC fiasco; indeed, they have been complicit. The poor bloody doctors, who no doubt pay subs to the corrupt BMA, have had to set up Remedy UK to represent their views.

Physician: heal thyself, and leave me the fuck alone.

UPDATE: I cannot find the site wherein I found complaints about the BMA. However, I have been told that they have, in fact, been doing sterling work opposing MTAS. I shall try to find some evidence either way.


Praguetory said...

There is talk on the medical blogs of an impending coup at the BMA. MTAS and MMC are the catalyst from what I can gather.

ChrisM said...

Personally I would love to start seeing fags sold in units of one. Every so often I try to give up; but then end up gasping for a gasper, buy 20, and am stuck with 19 which I then of course have to smoke.

Sarnia said...

A lot of doctors smoke or are on coke. Hypocritical bastards.

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