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Are the LibDems liable under the Trades Descriptions Act?

Nation of Shopkeepers—an excellent new blog that I have just discovered (mainly because one of the authors name-checked your humble Devil as being partially to blame for the whole thing in the first place)—thinks so.
What if the trade’s description act applied to political parties? Labour and the Conservatives could probably scrape home, but the Lib Dems, are they ever really liberal or democratic, let alone both?

Let’s address the liberal bit first. The problem with the Fib Dems is that they aren’t ‘liberal’, they are ‘Liberal’. They have a view on what is ‘liberal’ and if your lifestyle choices fall outside of that definition, they are prepared to get really authoritarian on your ass to bring you down. And the worse thing is that they do this with a sickening, patronising attitude that you are just a silly little person, and that you should listen to your ‘Liberal’ overlords and fall into line. It makes me puke, it always has. Nothing can light Mr Haddock’s touch paper and make him fly into an uncontrollable, childish tizzy fit that the sound of a ‘Liberal’ Democrat blithering on about the countryside, or gun control.

Then we have the ‘Democrat’ bit. To me, someone who believes in ‘democracy’ is a democrat. And to me, ‘democracy’ is the right of people to determine their destiny through the ballot box. It isn’t an un-elected bunch of corrupt autocrats penning laws that elected officials then rubber stamp; i.e. it isn’t the travesty that is the EU. But the thought of a more powerful EU gets Liberal Democrats pleasuring themselves furiously. They wish for the UK to have LESS democracy, less of a right to self-determination. Why? Well it comes back to the ‘Liberal’ thing again. If you give the proles the right to self-determination, the gits might well decide to do something you just don’t approve of, and that can’t be allowed. It must first be submitted to a committee of ’sensible’ people to check that is ‘Liberal’. Then it can be allowed, properly regulated, of course. And to the Fib Dems, the EU is the ultimate in sensible committees.

So neither Liberal or Democrat. Time for a re-brand, fibbers.

Very nice: definitely one to watch, I think (plus one of the authors, Harry Haddock, has been an enthusiastic commenter a couple of times that I have been on 18DS).

Oh and, incidentally and just to emphasise how fucking relevent the LibDems are, I have just realised that I had no Blogger tag for them at all...

UPDATE: this NoS post on how the Unions were an affront to civil liberties, as well as to the economy, also demands to be read in full.
So it wasn’t just about economics when many working people put their tick in the box next to their conservative candidate in 1979, it was about freedom. Freedom to think, speak and associate. Freedoms to do what you liked without a fat union bullyboy breathing down your neck.

It very much echoes what Pater Devil says: as riled as he can get about politics, nothing makes him spit real, personal bile like mention of the Unions.

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Tristan said...

That's really scraping the barrel.

Liberalism is a political system which emphasises the individual. I do often find myself disagreeing with LibDem policy, but most of it is centred on the individual.
It may not be classical liberalism (a shame) but it is far from the 'liberalism' of the US and the Democrats.
And the Liberal Democrats are members of the Liberal International. You going to claim that all those liberal parties are not liberal now? (tellingly, the Democrats are not members - but they've not been liberals since the 1900s)

Democrats - how about being the only party of the 3 main ones (I don't know about UKIP etc) whose policy is actually voted upon by members.
Leader and president elections have every member having a vote. Each vote is equal. That's rather democratic really.

As for the EU. The LibDem line is pro-EU, but the big mistake made by the campaigns people is to hide from EU debate rather than pointing out the a liberal EU is wanted.
LibDem policy is actually to scrap the CAP and to abandon the tariffs and protections of the EU. It takes too long to actually work that out.

The LibDems do not want this European Super State.

And if liberals and democrats cannot support the EU, why is Estonia - by far the most liberal country in Europe a member of the EU?

Oh and finally - Polly Toynbee never joined the Liberal Democrats after the Liberal/SDP merger. Why not? Because she's no liberal, or democrat.

These attacks on the LibDems seem to be grounded more in FUD than fact.

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