Monday, March 05, 2007

Speaking Welsh

Via The Croydonian who, quite correctly highlights the fucking illiberal aspects of this, I see that some arsehole has submitted a private members' bill to enable bilingual English/Welsh juries.

Now here's a thing; my grandfather was Welsh (from Llanelli) and he had relatives in the north of Wales. He said that, actually, the language of north and south Wales was so materially different that the two sets of relatives had to speak to one another in English. So, this Welsh they teach in schools these days isn't actually an original Welsh language, but rather a blend of northern and southern Welsh.

Finally, here's the Viz Profanisaurus definition.
Welsh n.
Masturbation by frottering with a leek while listening to a male voice choir.

I also seem to recall that "speaking Welsh" is a euphemism for throwing up. A lot.

Just sayin', is all...

UPDATE: there's a mildly angry response...


Anonymous said...

What an utter waste of public time and money, as someone from Wales I can see no need for this.

I speak Welsh, not well but enough to cover the basics, taxi, toilets, wheres the bar that sort of thing.

Yet another excuse for the powers that be to create more office jobs, more paperwork and higher bills.

Cunts the lot of them.

haddock said...

Can we do Welsh jokes now ?

Welsh countdown:
"a con-sonant please Carol, a con-sonant,con-sonant,con-sonant and four con-sonants please"

most word verification sequences are in fact welsh words.

LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

PMSl @ Haddocks comment about the word verification lol well spotted that man...

LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Another joke... Sheep, rope and lampost.... why in wales thats a leisure centre

Griff said...

Wale, singular. Singsongy bastards that sell vehicle data to all and sundry. Probably one of the smallest minorities but with all their signs printed twice, more wasted money.