Friday, March 30, 2007

Really, really, really, really stupid

I have just discovered a new candidate for stupidest person in the world, regardless of sex or race. Please, you have to watch Yvonne Thompson on last night's Question Time. Some classic bloomers, for starters.
"... there should be an apology to the living ancestors of slaves..."

She really starts to get going at about 28 minutes in and it's just... Oh, fuck, I just cannot describe it. This woman makes Guido look like fucking Olivier!*

On the whole question of slavery reparations, Timmy kindly points out that Britain actually spent more money and resources fighting the slave trade than she actually made.
Good, so because our forefathers made a lot of money out of this then we should compensate those harmed. Which is interesting, because the Royal Navy gos on to make another, further claim:
Overall, the nineteenth-century costs of suppression were bigger than the eighteenth-century profits.

Now isn't that an interesting thought? Indeed, they go further:
It was costing financial capital – Britain did indeed pay heavily in ‘subsidies’ to other European countries to induce them to give up or at least curtail their trade in slaves; somewhat less to numerous chiefs on the African coast for the same purpose; vast sums to its own slave-owners in the West Indies to purchase the freedom of their slaves in 1833; more again to meet the costs of maintaining a squadron on the coast of Africa. It has been estimated that great as was the wealth generated by the slave trade in the half century before 1807, the costs of suppressing it added up to a similar sum:¹ “.. by any more reasonable assessment of profits and direct costs, the nineteenth-century costs of suppression were certainly bigger than the eighteenth-century benefits.” Above all, the campaign was costing the lives of British seamen: a sacrifice that might be worth making to put an end to the slave trade, but a sacrifice wasted if the only result was further suffering for many of the trade’s victims.

So what we have here is what I would call a very interesting situation indeed.

Doesn't it just: so what does Timmy propose that we do? I mean, some sort of reparations must be in order, don't we think?
We must pay reparations because our forefathers profited from the slave trade. However, our slightly more recent forefathers paid quite heavily to suppress the slave trade. Indeed, they paid more to suppress it than did the earlier group profit from it. And whom did this expenditure benefit? Clearly, if slavery is a harm, one that must be compensated for, then the benefit accrues to those who were not enslaved, as a result of said actions. So the harms suffered by 19th century Britain (greater, as we note, than those gains accruing to 18th century Britain) should be compensated by payment of reparations from the descendants of West Africans who were not transported.

Which would be, roughly speaking (as roughly speaking as we current Britons are responsible for the 18th century depredations), the current inhabitants of Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria etc. etc.

And as we note, those reparations should be higher than the "Big Claim". Let's call it a round £ 10 trillion shall we? Good. So, when that's handed over then we'll take our cut, the impoverishment we suffer in the present because our forefathers, instead of investing in industry, educating the illiterate or building the productive resources of the nation, instead, decided to spend the gelt sweated from the labours of the nation on suppressing a vile barbarity, and then pass on the £7.5 trillion to the descendants of those who were indeed enslaved.

I'm looking forward to my cheque, I can tell you!

* Yes, she was even fucking worse than that chipmunk-faced, chippy, monky, chipmunk fuckwit, Blears; could that twat's daft fucking face and whiney bloody voice get any more irritating? Is that the sound of cockroachs being sharpened...?

Carey was tedious, but generally right. Farage, I thought, did very well although he did miss the above point about the money that we spent bringing an end to slavery. Let us hope that a few more people have gone away now taking UKIP a wee bit more seriously...


Anonymous said...

Good analysis, though I thought Carey was actually quite good, more humorous than I expected him to be! (God forbid!)

I thought the chipmunks face was going to split open towards the end when she was getting a hard time from the audience!

Anonymous said...

Yes she was truely out of her depth and it showed. Nigel made a good point that we should be proud and not sorry, a point no-one else made. Good to see the Viking/Roman compensation claim also raised.

To me she was just another Leftie victim-mentality compensation weasel who was a stranger to facts

Mr Eugenides said...

The Thompson woman was pretty awful - when asked where we would get the money to compensate all these "living relatives" (is there going to be an extra 2p tax on white people?) her response was, "there must be some fund... there are always funds that do these things..." and then she ran out of steam.

It was pitiful.

Reactionary Snob said...

Yes, silly cunt. I've posed on this but not about her... think you and Timmy had it largely nailed.


Pogo said...

She's also described as "Chair of the European Association of Black Businesswomen" (or something very like that)...

What's the chances of me being able to form the "Association of European White Businessmen" before the CRE have me shot?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Why not take a pop at it and see what happens?

james higham said...

"... there should be an apology to the living ancestors of slaves..."

That puts her close but I still think the Chipmunk takes the biscuit for most inane utterances.

Apologize!??! This is no more nor less than the Canadian and Australian situations - paying reparations to people we've never met for something we've never done, nor would we do them. Cynical, conniving bastards, trading on ancestors they're not even intereted in, just to wedge some cash their way. Give me a break..

Pogo said...

Sir Henry...

I'm too much of a coward. Would you want to take on the "racism industry" and "the sisterhood" at the same time?!! :-)

Roger Thornhill said...

How someone could represent businesswomen and not have a clue about how such a thing could be funded, where the funds would come from and the whole concept of liability.

Utterly ignorant and slotted into a prejudiced grove she was.

Frage was generally very good indeed. In fact we could almost come up with a new verb "to Farage" which means to speak to a large audience without the need of a microphone.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Tricky, I admit. And you can add Muzbottery to the list.

Someone's going to have to do it though, one of these days

Little Black Sambo said...

Why does any one watch this rubbish? It's set up and guaranteed to be total waste of time, by the choice of panellists, the hand-picked audience (were you impressed with the random multi-ethnic sample of the population of Bath?), and the pompous ass who chairs it. Move over to 18 Doughty Street.

Machiavelli's Understudy said...

Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!

There's a presenter on France24 who's got quite the opinion on Britain and the slave trade...

Have a gander at her 'blog'-

She's really quite the patronising cunt.

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