Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NuLabour continue the trend

Iain Dale reports that, when if he becomes leader, the Gobblin' King intends to bring Lord Kinnock of Bedwetting into the Cabinet.
Now here's a sentence to strike fear into the heart of every Tory up and down the land. If Gordon Brown becomes leader of the Labour Party he will bring Neil Kinnock into his Cabinet. He intends to make the Welsh windbag Leader of the House of Lords. So at long last Kinnock will get his wish and sit at the Cabinet table, albeit not quite in the position he had planned.

Now, as we know from Hansard, as your humble Devil pointed out, Lord Kinnock is definitely a liar and, in your humble Devil's opinion, a total fucking coward.

Now, we are always told that Gordo and Toni have been at loggerheads for some time, but it seems that they do agree on at least one thing: the people of this country are best served by corrupt, perfidious failures.

No matter who you vote for, the politicians always get in. Bastards.


Justin said...

Define 'reports'.

Gavin Ayling said...

Not all politicians are bad -- just the ones people seem to vote for.... They call for the neck of any politician who seems vaguely human.

OT: What is UKIP's position on this.

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