Monday, March 26, 2007

Guido behind the times shock!

Guido has pointed to the following Tory Radio calculation of Miliband's assistant's salary.
...[Miliband] has an official effectively acting as his blogging assistant who does about 10 hours work a month at a cost of £300. Now if that was equated to a full time equivalent that would be say 40 hours a week at £30 an hour for 52 weeks which is a whopping £62,400 salary.

This was posted on Saturday.

Now, I know that Guido likes to think that he is ahead of the game, and therefore I think it only fair to point out that your humble Devil posted the same calculation on Thursday night, in my fisking of Miliband's blog costs.
So far this month, you have posted 10 times. In February, you posted 12 times. In January, you posted 14 times. And that is taking your official ten fucking hours a month?

And those 10 hours a month are costing £300—£30 per hour? That's a little more reasonable than the design fees, Davey; although it does mean that your official must be raking in something of the order of £62,400 per year (assuming a 40 hour week) which is not a bad screw by anyone's standards.

And I happen to know that Guido was aware of this posting because, knowing what a fan of Batshit he is, I emailed him the link.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Great minds think alike. Hadn't even read your piece and we both opted for a 40 hour week for an offical!

I like how there is an attempt to justify it by saying the official is only doing 10 hours so they arent getting over 60k for blogging - which is not what you said and no what I said.

I watched you on 18DS talking about the farmer who had all his cows killed re the passports that had been lost. I think they would have a view as to how DEFRA could spend money better!

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yes, that was a shocking story: I wrote about it too. Please note that the passports had not been "lost"; they had been confiscated by DEFRA officials.

Batshit has yet to trumpet this triumph so I intend to email him for a comment.

I have no doubt that the official is, indeed, working a 40 hour week -- I haven't seen "Miliband Blog Poster, 10 hours per month, £60k pro rata" advertised in The Grauniad yet...


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