Monday, March 05, 2007

Goodbye to the Crown

The Englishman has highlighted the following entry in Hansard.
Jim Fitzpatrick: No. Under the Measuring Instruments Directive (2004/22/EC) which entered into force on 30 October 2006 the CE mark has replaced the Crown stamp to guarantee the accuracy of pint measures including pint glasses. The directive does not permit the use of any other marking on the measure.

Mr. Holloway: To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what plans the Government have to remove the Crown stamp from pint glasses. [123542]

Jim Fitzpatrick: The Weights and Measures (Capacity Serving Measures) Regulations 2006 26 Feb 2007: Column 1054W (Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 1264) which implement the Measuring Instruments Directive (SI 2006 No 1264) came into force on 30 October 2006 and pint glasses which have been placed on the market since that date have been CE marked in accordance with these regulations. Pint glasses which were marked with the Crown stamp and placed on the market before that date remain lawful. There is therefore no requirement to remove existing Crown stamped glasses from use.

As The Englishman says...
Bastards, if I can't even enjoy my pint without being reminded of the EU then pitchforks ought to be sharpened.

Indeed. However, it gets worse than that.

Thanks to some detective work by Trixy and Elaib, we happen to know who authored the report leading to this Directive and who steered it through the EU Parliament.

Would you all like to know? I bet you would.

Well, first up, here is the text of the Directive [PDF] and below is the relevant section. [Emphasis mine.]

Article 1


This Directive applies to the devices and systems with a measuring function defined in the instrument-specific annexes concerning water meters (MI-001), gas meters and volume conversion devices (MI-002), active electrical energy meters (MI-003), heat meters (MI-004), measuring systems for continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other then water (MI-005), automatic weighing instruments (MI-006), taximeters (MI-007), material measures (MI-008), dimensional measuring instruments (MI-009) and exhaust gas analysers (MI-010).

And here is the course of the Directive: do note the name of the "rapporteur"—EU jargon for "author"...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Conservative MEP, traitor and general fucker, Giles Chichester.

So, here we have a Tory MP, Adam Holloway, asking the government, essentially, why the bloody hell the Crown has been removed from pint glasses and the government has cited an EU Directive authored by a bastard Tory MEP!

So, yes, do direct your ire at the EU because it is a piece-of-shit, murderous organisation that should not exist but also remember that it was a Tory MEP, Giles Chichester—remember, that's Giles Chichester—who authored the report that led to the Directive in the first place.

Giles, you're a cunt and you should be ashamed of yourself. Especially since the bastard then has the cheek to "express solidarity with CAMRA" [PDF].
However, as a gesture of solidarity with the Campaign for Real Ale, I will be holding a ‘surgery’ in a Devon pub during their Community Pubs Week. At lunchtime on 19 February, I will be available at The Keeper’s Cottage Inn, on the Honiton to Cullompton Road from 11 am until lunchtime.

My constituents will find me there with a glass of my favourite brew, ‘Otter Ale’, in hand ready to help.

That pint glass will, of course, carry the CE mark instead of the Crown, you fucking hypocritical bastard. I do hope that you will be telling the CAMRA officials about your EU Parliament coup, and I hope that they beat you to death with a hogshead, you cunt.

Fuck off and die, Chichester.

UPDATE: looking at the Toque's piece on this, I see that Roger Helmer MEP has released a statement.
I'm angry. Bitter. And desperately sad. In one sense, it doesn't matter a damn, so long as we get a full pint. But in another sense, it symbolises all that is being taken from us by this wretched European Union. The silver lining is that this decision will add to the growing sense of resentment which will eventually destroy Brussels' Evil Empire.

I'd just like to remind you, boys and girls, that Roger Helmer is a Tory MEP.


Anonymous said...

In the computer industry the CE mark is, and always has been, discredited as worthless.

CE marked plastic glasses said...

You can still use the old Goverment stamped products in pubs, just that they can no longer be produced (so look after them!)

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