Monday, March 26, 2007

Good point

Over at Samizdata, the question was, "After global warming, what will be the next hysteria?" I particularly liked this reponse...
Resource depletion.

This crisis will require stringent controls on wasteful industries and excessive lifestyles, higher taxes to discourage use, and, probably, some form of rationing in which public purposes will outrank mere private use.

If those responses to the crisis sound familiar, they should. Every crisis, for some odd reason known only to those possessing the secret knowledge of "higher consciousness", requires almost exactly the same set of solutions.

The villains are always individual greed and corporate excesses, and the solution always includes collective action directed by a benevolent political leadership class, and the clearly required increases in state powers needed to overcome the emergency.

No matter what the problem may be, the purveyors of subtlety and nuance will always prescribe the same medicine.

As I said, it's just the oddest thing.

One could almost believe that all these endless crises are merely pretexts being used to justify repressive legislation.

Sometimes I just wonder...

Now, come on: how could anyone justify using repressive legislation to solve non-existant problems? Please answer with reference to Batshit...

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