Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Led up the garden path...

A baby believed to have spent the least time in her mother's womb—just under 22 weeks—has managed to survive and has left hospital.
She weighed a mere 284 grams (10 ounces) at birth on 24 October.

Doctors generally consider that babies weighing less than 400g at birth are not viable.

Doctors held little if any hope for her survival.

But Amillia has done just that.

She defied the odds and demonstrated a desire to live, which her parents say is the reason they named her Amillia - which means resilient in Latin, a fighter and hardworking.

Is that so? Now, it has been an awfully long time since I did Latin, but it wasn't a word that I recognised.

There is a severe shortage of Latin dictionaries on the webseems strange that a dictionary of 39,000 words does not recognise "amillia"; it does recognise "amilia" but none of the definitions are near to what the parents have cited. Even the stem "ami" doesn't provide anything edifying.

Trying to translate from English to Latin is equally unedifying (try them all!) and so I can only come to one conclusion: someone's leading someone else up the garden path...


Tom Paine said...

A young chap like yourself wouldn't know about the books of baby names for would-be doting parents. I can wish you nothing better than that one day you need to buy one. According to this online version:


Amillia means "Ambitious, Hardworking, Rival" and is of "Modern English" coinage.

Be fair, DK. At least the parents had heard of Latin. In modern Britain, that counts as highly-educated.

AA said...

"Emilia" is latin...