Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fishing for squirrels

Via Dizzy, I was fishing for squirrels (no really) and look what I caught: a really big, fucking annoying squirrel that just keeps on squeaking! This squirrel won't shut the fuck up or piss off and die, no matter how long everyone keeps asking—and we didn't like to carry on telling the squirrel to shut the fuck up and piss off because we felt guilty, like we were kicking a disabled child or something.

See the video we made below of the squirrel not shutting the fuck up or pissing off! Isn't it annoying...?

Having said all that, her kitchen's a fuck sight nicer than Dave Cameron's...


Shotgun said...

She really gets on my tits...and she is self delusional.

Anonymous said...

It looks like she has some kind of botox induced grimmace. Is 240V too good for her?

Anonymous said...

When I watched that video I kept asking myself:
"I wonder if she takes it up the arse?"
It helps, you know, it really helps.

fido said...

Did she really say that John Prescott was a good Deputy PM?

The womans gone mad!