Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Via the exciting double issue of the Britblog Roundup (following in the footsteps of such august publications as The Spectator and Country Life), this post from D-Squared is absolutely fucking brilliant.

It is compulsory reading, especially if you are a progressive twat.


AntiCitizenOne said...

The Dsqaured article is the best thing I've seen him write. Normally I disagree with everything he says.

dearieme said...

Yup, it's rather unrepresentative of his oeuvre. Do you suppose he's found love, or something?

Anonymous said...

Funny: I'd've said it was a classic piece of Dsquared-ery. Remember he's primarily a contrarian, rather than much of a leftie or a rightie...


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, simply brilliant.

One of the key points for me was about the dangers of trying to shoehorn simple solutions into complex systems. I think he really covered that well.

Will be linking and checking out the rest of the blog.