Monday, January 15, 2007

The shorter Dr Rowan Williams: "The terrorists of 9/11 had no other option but to fly planes into the World Trade Centre killing over 3,000 innocent people and those people weren't innocent anyway because they were involved in trade and every time anyone trades anywhere it is, in fact, an act of violence."

Fucking hell, it seems that the Church of England is being led by someone who is not just naive, but actively evil. I can barely disguise my contempt for this little shit...


Ross Parker said...

I just followed the link and found Rowan Williams bleating: “Every transaction in the developed economies of the West can be interpreted as an act of aggression against the economic losers in the worldwide game.”

Well, yes, it could be 'interpreted' in that way, but possibly only a by beardy, sanctimonious, commie bastard shitstain who talks as if he's trying to seduce a six year old at a parishioner's picnic.

The next time he's shilling fairtrade coffee or manning a parish fete jam stand, I hope somebody points out to him that these are acts of shameless capitalist aggression that could see all the angry little dark people of the world 'have no choice' but to dive-bomb his Lambeth Palace wank-pad.

ChrisM said...

Always interesting to hear a religious person argue against personal responsibility. Will that impress St Peter? "The capitialists made me do it!"