Monday, January 08, 2007

Joined up thinking

I read two articles today, one via ChickenYoghurt and one written by Peter Porcupine, that made me realise that I have found the solution to global warming.

PP says the following:
After all, the simple way to deal with all those carbon emissions is to engineer a drastic reduction in the numbers of us making them. If Tony wants to cut emissions by fifteen percent, the really simplest answer is to reduce the population by fifteen percent.

Indeed. CY links to an admirable article by Christopher Brooker in which he opines
If George Clooney called a globally televised press conference, then plucked out two of his eyelashes and announced he would donate them free of charge to the first viewer to turn round and murder their entire family, thousands would perish. Read that again. It is a fact.

Quite. So George Clooney plucking his eyebrows is, in fact, the solution to global warming. I am a genius!

Does anyone have George's number...?

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james higham said...

That's part of the Illuminati agenda - reduce the population by 1.1 billion.

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