Saturday, January 27, 2007

Is Batshit really mad?

An email commenter has drawn my attention to the fact that Prince Charles is receive the 10th Anniversary Global Environmental Citizen Award in the US. As you know, your humble Devil thinks that all of this "emissions cause climate change" stuff is just so much horseshit, but some people have criticised the Prince for flying to the US to collect it.

Amongst the Prince's critics is our old friend, Batshit Mad Miliband. No, really.
Meanwhile, Environment Secretary David Miliband has suggested Prince Charles should receive the prize via video-link up rather than make the 7,000 mile round-trip.

What the fuck are you talking about, you hypocritical cunt? You are in India, Batshit; how did you get there? Did you fucking walk it, you twat? No, you and your four buddies flew there in order to give a speech on Sustainable Development. Are you telling me that that speech couldn't have been done by fucking video link, you speccy fuck?

Can it really be that Batshit has such a blinkered outlook that he simply cannot see the hypocrisy in this? Is the man fucking insane?



Anonymous said...

Let us just imagine that Charles did not go to Philadelpha... would one gram of CO2 be saved? It was scheduled flight, it was going anyway... and even if it did add a few grams of CO2, as the Devil knows too well, that could well be an irrelevance anyway.
Don't you just hope there's enough rope for all these jerks to do the decent thing when they have driven the world into recession.

james higham said...

You answered your last question yourself in the post. Yes he is. They are all taking the piss up there now.

Sarnia said...

Simon Heffer described him as insolent.

I read about this last Saturday and thought what a hypocritical and obnoxious little twerp he is.

How does he get to "work" every day I wonder? I presume he walks or cycles.

Anonymous said...

Miliband is typical of many in this government. He sees faults in others while overlooking his own glaring inadequacies. I think it’s a characteristic shared by many attracted to the political life. They lack any faculty for introspection.

Anonymous said...

Is there no depths they will not plumb in the search for his name in the news?

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