Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Getting jiggy with the KGB

It doesn't seem to have been picked up by the newsprint, but ITV News reported that Litvinenko had left behind a video, which has been released posthumously, reinforcing his allegation that former EU Commission President Romano Prodi—whose many talents apparently include being able to find hostages by means of a Ouija board—was working for the KGB.

Working for the KGB and working for the EU? That's ridiculous! There's absolutely no similarity whatso-fucking-ever between the USSR and the EU.

Another famous lefty is that fat, talentless cunt, Charles Rodway Clarke; Charlie had a little dabble with the Broad Left, a faction which included the Communist Party of Great Britain, as a youth.

However, I am sure that the stupid, jug-eared fuckwit would never go as far as to betray his country and offer his less than useful services to the KGB; which is why I have no problem in directing you to this delightful and totally light-hearted post from Trixy.
I am told that the fat wingnut [Clarke], in possibly not the smartest move, allegedly called up the Soviet Embassy in London to enquire about becoming a spy for them. Unsurprisingly, they hung up on him. Charlie at that point hadn't quite got to grips with international espionage.

Not that that deterred him. Gordievsky, who at that moment was planning to come over to the West, was allegedly told that he was to be Clarke's handler. I have been told that this came from the lips of the man himself, but not having spoken to Gordievsky, naturally I cannot confirm this—I am sure you'll agree—highly unlikely story...

I only offer this totally unsubstantiated snippet in the spirit of experimentation: I want to see if the truth a lie really can get around the world before the evidence truth has got it's boots on.

I wonder if Guido can shed any light on these shocking and, no doubt, hurtful allegations...?


Umbongo said...

Not that he worked for the KGB - or even offered to work for them - but joining the CPGB at the time was objectively the same as working in the interests of the USSR, our very own Home Secretary was an "adult" when he became a Communist according to this post

Unity said...

>>>joining the CPGB at the time was objectively the same as working in the interests of the USSR

You've never really come across many members of the CPGB have you? If you had, your sentence would read...

joining the CPGB at the time was objectively the same as working incompetently in the interests of the USSR.

Safety joins the KGB? Now there's a plausible explanation for the fall of Soviet communism if ever I heard one.

Tom Tyler said...

Trixy has done well. I've been wildly speculating about the possibility that there might be something of this nature "going on" at the heart of NuLab, myself. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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