Saturday, December 30, 2006

Naturally, your humble Devil wouldn't like to influence any decision on the part of his readers, but Iain Dale is running a poll for the Right-Wing Blogger of the Year.

Your humble Devil was running in third position last time he looked...

UPDATE: Your humble Devil is, strangely, the third best right-wing blog as voted for by Iain's readers, and only one percentage point behind ConservativeHome. Thanks all, and a happy new year!


Mr Eugenides said...

Since you're a libertarian, rather than a right-winger, I presume you'll be asking Iain to remove your name from the shortlist?..

Tim Almond said...

You and Tim W, but I opted for Burning Our Money.

And Iain still claims to be right wing, despite all recent evidence?

crackers said...

Nice one. Mr E should have been listed but I dont understand the class biz so maybe he did not qualify. What does it all mean.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your trip. Looking forward to hearing your commentary from London next year.

Rigger Mortice said...

had a vote at work and home and split them betwixt thee and croydonian.

have gone off iain dale's blog.nice bloke but too tied in with DC and being a candidate for a party that's becoming as thought policed as zanu lab(whilst not really having any thoughts at all)

con home is just full of smug wannabe MP tories who think they're gonna walk in at the next election and talk about how
'I understand the problems of sheffield,I stood there in 2005' etc

well done on third so far

Dr John Crippen said...

Happy New Year, DK

So I went over to Iain's to vote for my favourite foul-mouthed fascist I being stupid, but I can't find the list, so I couldn't vote!