Monday, October 23, 2006

Not one of my best, I'm afraid but I simply cannot be bothered to spend much time on her.
There was a bag-lady called Clare Short
Who was part of the NuLabour cohort;
After resigning the whip
She retired for a kip
And we sealed up her door with a blowtorch.

Pah! Opportunist, as I've said before.
She could see that Iraq was likely to be a fucking quagmire and, as International Development Secretary, she could see that Toni was manoevering to sick the blame on her.

Anyone say different?


james higham said...

Your verse is only matched by your visage, DK.

Pete in Dunbar said...

Late, I know, but I've been ill...

Poor Clare for her pains has been ganged
Up on. Now from all sides she's harangued.
Though a hung parliament
is a worthy intent
Grammatically, one should say 'hanged'.

And (more whimsically)...

How wondrous to see Ms Clare Short
She'd make a good target, I thought
Now, ready... take aim -
It's surely a game
That could be the new national sport.

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