Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dominance of the 'sphere

An elementary but interesting observation from David Farrer.
I notice that today's ranking of Top Scottish Websites includes yours truly at Number 10. Devils Kitchen and Mr Eugenides are in the Top Ten too. So three of today's top ten Scottish sites deal with politics and all three are libertarian...

Indeed: your humble Devil is, in fact, at number 3, just behind the unofficial Hibs Messageboard and the Tartan Army BB. The poor, little Greek boy is sitting pretty at number 5.

Many people have pointed out that the "right" (in so far as that means anything) is the most influential part of the blogosphere, at present. Some have predicted that, when the Tories get in, this will turn about and the Left will become dominant; the thinking is that it is far easier to criticise the government and it is this that imparts the consistent rage required to maintain a blog for any amount of time.

I do not believe that this will happen, simply because it is not really the Tory right that is dominant, but the libertarian right. And, on current showing, there is simply no major party that supports the libertarian agenda (I believe that UKIP are the closest that we have, hence my support for them).

Thus, I believe that the libertarian right will continue to dominate the blogosphere long after the Tories are in power; I, for one, will continue to criticise the Tories if they fuck things up in precisely the same way as I have put the boot into NuLabour. In fact, I shall probably redouble my efforts should SpamCam squander his opportunities (which he appears likely to do).

And I hope that the libertarian right will continue to push for a libertarian agenda: I certainly intend to do so.

UPDATE: Matthew Sinclair has a very good post on this subject.


Mr Eugenides said...

I agree that the libertarian right is unlikely to be going anywhere any time soon. Though I am more sympathetic to the Tories than you, I'm not planning to unplug the computer on the day of a Cameron victory.

I do think, though, that an incoming Tory government would see a steady rise in the number of socialist / social democratic bloggers, creating online rant spaces just as we have done. Give it five years, and the story may be a more balanced one.

I do think, though, that there's something about libertarianism and blogging that go together very naturally. Being free of control (or at least having the illusion of such); the absolute right to say what you like on your own space. That's something that will always be true, irrespective of who's in government, and precisely how they're fucking thinks up.

Mr Eugenides said...

I am rather overattached to the phrase "I do think, though", aren't I?

Pete in Dunbar said...

"That's something that will always be true, irrespective of who's in government, and precisely how they're fucking thinks up."

I like the implicit assumption that changing the personnel of government won't change the modus operandi.

I must say, though, that I profoundly dislike the lazy journalistic short-hand of left and right. That argument is surely long over. The only political argument of any consequence today is the fight for liberty against authoritarianism. And given the propensity for governments to completely forget about liberty once they get their grubby mitts on the levers of authority, I don't expect this argument to be over for a long, long time. As Daniel Webster said "The contest for ages has been to rescue liberty from the grasp of executive power." Plus ca change, etc.

Anonymous said...

Points well made about libertarianism and blogging being natural bedfellows. I'm sure that when the Tories get in - next time, probably - they will act in exactly the same control-freakery sort of way that Blair did and does, and we will see a cycle that runs for eight or nine years before Cameron, by then hated, is chucked out. That sort of behaviour, and the undoubted sexual and money-grubbing scandals yet to be unearthed, should make for an interesting polity, at least for a while. Grist to all our mills, Left and Right.

Longrider said...

I'm inclined to agree with Pete here. I've never considered myself in terms of labels of either right or left. I'm very much non-partisan these days. I once thought I was a socialist, but I was wrong. I was deluding myself.

I detest all of the buggers with equal vigour. It is very much a case of liberty versus control freakery. Left and right are meaningless labels.

prawncrackers said...

Interesting idea that a change of govt will be the precursor to a more robust left led blogosphere. Perhaps. At a more fundamental level blogging seems a natural medium for individuals who value freedom and are self reliant. They incline to small govt and personal liberty and thus if they have a political affiliation it would the right.

Martin said...


The UK has no organised right.

Anonymous said...

Crackers: bollocks.

I've got an inclination towards freedom, and while I despise the current lot I despise the Tory lot (of the hanging and the flogging and the "let's reclassify pot as evil even though it's harmless" and the "NuLab are evil for the [one good] thing they did of extending booze hours") even more.

I don't really give a fuck about tax. Because I'm not a retard and the economy's doing alright, I earn (read = "am paid" - obviously I don't /earn/ it) far more money than most people in the world (in the top 1%, according to the Global Rich List). I give a great deal of that to Mr Brown. He spends it on people who are worse off than me. If he spent more of it on starving people in Africa, and less on whining chavvy scum in the UK, I'd be pleased - but sadly these cunts have a vote too so obviously deserve some of my handout.

A plague on a wide variety of houses, but the idea that loving freedom means you're right wing is fucking moronic.


Elaib said...

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Prodicus said...

I expect the libertarian right to continue making its presence strongly felt in the blogosphere because the prevailing winds in establishment politics are almost universally centralising despite the sudden fashion for 'localism', a word with precisely no meaning - it's just a nice noise. The Marxoids have, in a sense, won the game already in that both 'left' (Blairites - ha) and 'right' (Cameron's Tories? ... who am I kidding?) are in fact, left-ISH, although I agree with Longrider that the terms are rather passé. The libertarian right will still need to yell at Cameron's Tories when they get in.

The left won't have much to complain about under Cameron, unfortunately, but complain they will. It's what they do. One big whinge-hate movement. What's certain is that their blogging won't be half as entertaining as the libertarians' because the illiterate bastards can hardly string a sentence together, have no sense of irony and would not know wit if it bit them in the leg. They are holier than thou (or me), predictable, and very very boring. Much better at arguing with their brethren for hours on end in committee rooms than lighting a sparkler to illuminate the gloom. Even if they blog a lot more, I doubt I will want many of them in my newsreader because, er, I have a life.

Nett: there is still lots for us to do - and this is the place to do it.

james higham said...

..I do think, though, that there's something about libertarianism and blogging that go together very naturally...

They do and it will not cease, whichever party is in power. Rather than call it 'libertarianism', why not just call it 'common sense'?

UK Daily Pundit said...

I think we'll see more blogs like 'Reclaim Labour' in the coming years.

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