Monday, July 03, 2006

What can one say about the Gobblin' King?

Perhaps it is time for me to take a really deep breath; after all, one wouldn't want to give into the desire to indulge in the shocking language employed by Masters Worstall and Remittance Man now, would one?

Ah, fuck it.

Our Cyclopean Chancellor is, in his wisdom, looking at attempting to re-introduce the 90-day detention scheme.
GORDON BROWN is to revive controversial government plans to hold terrorism suspects for 90 days without charge as one of his “early pledges” in advance of becoming prime minister.

You fucking cunt. You absolute and total cunt.
In the week of the anniversary of the July 7 attacks on London, the chancellor will announce that he believes increasing the present 28-day limit to 90 days is justified to help safeguard the public.

I hope that you die, preferably before Blair resigns. Fuck you.

Fuck your "safeguarding the public". The only thing that the public need safeguarding from is the continued assaults on our civil liberties by this government. Even at the height of IRA terrorism, suspects could only be held for seven days: under this government, the time has already quadrupled to 28 days.

And now you want to be able to hold someone without charge for 90 days? Wasn't the last defeat enough for this government? What the fuck are you playing at, you one-eyed sack of shit? Fuck you, fuck you right in the face, you cunt.

Fuck off and try and make the books balance, won't you? You know, try to do the job that you are already fucking up rather than auditioning for a job that isn't even vacant yet.

What is your problem? Sarah not fucking you, often enough? Is she withholding her cunt until you pass the 90-day law or something?

God lord, I don't think that there are words enough to describe how much I loathe you, you awful, awful little man.

Fuck you.


chris said...

He needs some way of restraining Polly's attentions. The restraining orders haven't do it, and bad publicity of outing her predation of the famous Scottish one eyed snake is not what he wants before his coronation. So quietly locking her away is the only option he has left.

Bishop Hill said...

Wise words DK, wise words indeed.