Friday, July 14, 2006

Fuck the kids

And, as for this piece of shit, well, what the fuck kind of people have we become?
A vicar has stepped down as a school governor after kissing a primary pupil on the cheek to congratulate her.

The Rev Alan Barrett, vicar of Tamworth, Staffordshire, kissed the girl in front of pupils and teachers because she had done well in maths.

A church spokesman said a police inquiry found no offence had taken place, but the vicar was told to have no contact with the school.

As The Englishman points out, there is something rather sinister in those who see "sex" in everything. On the old school rhyme principle of "he who smelt it, dealt it" I personally would look far more carefully at the person who complained about the incident.
He said he agreed with the Archdeacon of Lichfield, the Venerable Chris Liley, that "even giving a child a kiss of congratulations is inappropriate in this day and age".

A spokesman for the Diocese of Lichfield said an informal investigation conducted by the archdeacon found that formal disciplinary proceedings were not justified.

Well, how very gracious of them...
But the investigation did deem the vicar's behaviour as "inappropriate" and sought assurances from him that he would not do it again.

The diocesan spokesman said: "The conclusion that Mr Barrett had acted inappropriately is not a finding of guilt or negligence, but recognition that in today's climate, previously acceptable innocent behaviour is now subject to misunderstanding and suspicion.

"As the complaint and subsequent police investigation demonstrates, the simple act of a kiss on the cheek - a common greeting throughout the world - has potentially damaging consequences.

Potentially damaging consequences for the innocent, i.e. both Mr Brett and those who have lost his services.

This is unspeakable, seriously. As we withdraw physically from one another and see dangers and threats around every corner, so we become yet more obsessed with "sharing" guilt and grief in an increasingly embarrassing manner, whilst others value the lives of others as nothing more than a punchbag for the culmination of a drunken night on the piss.

We are becoming a nation paralysed by paranoia, seeing "paedo's" behind every door and, in the meantime, our social services turn a blind eye to little girls being beaten, tied up in baths, sexually assaulted and murdered by their own relatives. The moral degradation of our society is almost complete in some areas; to describe myself as disgusted by this prurient corruption of what, for want of a better word, I shall call the soul is not to go far enough.

Open up these people, and you will find nothing but an existential rot inside them, a fungus of evil and paranoia eating away their judgement and kindness. Personally, it makes me fucking sick.

UPDATE: I see that TinyJudas (now posting under his real name, below), has got there before me...


Longrider said...

My reaction to the story was "what the fuck!?"

In France they are always kissing each other on the cheek - how would those people who see sex everywhere cope with that? Have a fit of the vapours, one presumes.

Pogo said...

"Longrider" - absofuckinglutely! I spend quite a lot of time in France and Spain and everybody's kissing everybody else all the time, (even the blokes, which I, as a repressed Brit, find a bit offputting!) yet there doesn't seem to be an epidemic of rampant paedophilia.

Odd, these foreigners...

Devil's Kitchen said...

here doesn't seem to be an epidemic of rampant paedophilia

Apart from in Belgium, obviously... ;-)


ContraTory said...

These paedo-finder generals deserve a lynch mob.

Emily said...

I've been sexually abused but I think all this jumping up and down about stupid stuff like filming your kids nativity play just has to stop.

A very close friend of mine decided to call me recently after saying she was concerned about the content of my flickr site. She said I had put naked pictures of my little girl on there and those PAEDOS WILL GET THEM!!!!111

I had a small panic attack as I wondered if I had uploaded the wrong images and checked. There was one of her sitting in the paddling pool and you could see a small patch of back where her tshirt was rolled up and her knickers were on.

I seethed. One because the friend knew I had been abused and she was telling me about what paedos want to see.

I was too cross to ring her back and say paedos don't need naked photos to get off, like the media stereotype suggest. Or even a kiss on the cheek, like our friendly vicar in this blog's post. Any contact with any child is enough, whether a smile in a supermarket, a brush of clothes on the high street, etc, is enough to provide the required wank fest.

Where is all this going to stop? And don't even get me started on the call for Megan's Law following the Sweeney Case. People need to look at the stats and look closer to home. The majority of abuse is committed by family members or close friends of the family and many of those have no previous. A register is useless and mainly carries info on exposure (such as mooning out of the window when pissed), indecent exposure (a married couple having a quickie in the woods), buggery (two consenting 17 yo men having sex an rape (a 16 yo male and his 15 yo girlfriend having consensual sex). Great post about it here

Most offenders are happy to be monitored while being given anonymity. Take that away and track and trace is going to be so much harder for our under-pressure police force.

Like, everything, it's all about perspective. The hysteria has to stop.

dearieme said...

I suppose that the Vic's job precludes his saying "Why don't you go and fuck yourselves, you pathetic bunch of foul-headed perverts." Vics shouldn't say "pathetic", it's so judgemental.

Chris Palmer said...

I always wonder about the mentality of the people who report such cases. However, most normal people would just laugh, perhaps punch said person in the face (I would anyway) and dismiss this. However, the fact that this Vicar stood down, suggested that a chain of these morons did in fact exist - which is very worrying.

mbe said...

I feel a modicum of pride in beating both the Englishman and DK to blogging about this bollocks.

If I may be so bold as to quote myself:
"That's right, we're all nonces now."

Truly pathetic.


iain said...

Maybe the gratuitously foul langage you use is a part of the same syndrome

Martin said...


Paedophile hysteria began in Middlesborough in 1985. I think my copy of the Butler-Sloss report is still kicking about somewhere. The two engines of the madness, Higgs and Wyatt, should have been given whatever the GMC considers to be the equivalent of drumhead court martials and booted out.

But no. They're 'doctors'. A special breed, the docs. They can be raving parent hating paedo hunters, using diagnostic methods as reliable as witch-ducking, but because they acted in good faith, that's OK. Ruined lives? Friendly fire. Fractured families? Collateral damage.

The Middlesborough case began the long slide, and we have no idea how close we are to the bottom. What's exceptionally sad about the Rev. Barrett's case is that all parties are agreed that his actions were innocent and uncynical - and still he's to stay away from the school.

In this case, the mucky minded beast finders have won a stout victory. I hope they're very pleasd with themselves.

Emily said...


I think no one understands how to handle paedophilia. The fact that it is usually within the family should be the key consideration when handling it. Many children are scared to tell and rightly so. They have absolutely no idea just how devastating it is and how it divides families forever. Family life is never the same again. Sometimes the status quo is not worth changing because when your life is all over the place, any stability (such as living in the same house for 10 years) is worth its weight in gold. When you tell, you have no idea where you are going to end up and who with.

The focus is always on the offender, but in the wrong way (hounding/intimidation - special kind of home justice). Many offenders are victims of abuse themselves. If they get the kind of "help" I did as an abused teenager, no wonder the cycle of learned behaviour is hard to break.

Anonymous said...

Surely more focus should be on the mother who seemingly drove the process?