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Those student lifestyles in full...

At the risk of sounding like everybody else, the results are in...
Organisers of the survey took a list of Britain's top 20 universities and searched the postcodes of the areas where more students socialised to find the number of pubs, nightclubs, off-licences, pizza delivery outlets, takeaway shops and fancy dress hire stores before working out the students-per-business ratio.
Yes, yes, but are they any good? That's the point. And would ever go into them in the hours of darkness (which are rather longer up here than darn Sarf). There may be 35 pubs around a student dwelling in Maryhill, but you wouldn't bloody well go into one for fear of a serious bit of involuntary plastic surgery...
A spokeswoman for Glasgow University also welcomed the findings.

She said: "A large part of the student experience of university life now happens outside of academia.

"We recognise that employers look for outgoing individuals with life experience outside of lectures and tutorials.


Devil's Advocate #4

Reditributive socialism is wrong because it neither recognises nor provides for the very good or the very bad; it only recognises equality of the fundamentally unequal, and caters only for the mediocre.

Oh, please, please; try to get me on this one. I'm really ready for this...

Devil's Advocate #3

Reditributive socialism is inherently damaging because it ignores all biological and, thus, psychological laws of the human as animal struggling to establish territory and advantage over others for the more effective propagation of genes over competitors.

Owen, racism and development

Young Master Barder has been getting a little upset with people over at Samizdata, and has cried "racism" on their lily-white asses, yo!

I can't say that I agree with him particularly, but I suppose that's because I couldn't give two tits if they are racist or not: in my opinion, the one thing in this world that we have absolutely no shortage of is ignorant fuckwits, and much good may it do them. (However, I also have absolutely no time for people who pretend that only whites can be racists either, since I know that not to be the case. I do wonder what had happened if a coloured gentleman had commented that all whites were murding, raping imperialists with no culture who just don't understand the African way.) Anyway, I digress.

Master Barder has been forced to close his comments because evil racists have been posting their opinions (personally, I'm considering blocking comments by redistribitive socialists: I can't stand them) so I must carry on the co…

I love the 80s...

... but it seems that NuLabour aren't nearly so keen.
The Labour Party has apologised after an 82-year-old member was thrown out of its annual conference for heckling.
Walter Wolfgang, from London, was ejected from the hall after shouting "nonsense" as Foreign Secretary Jack Straw defended Iraq policy.
Jack Straw, a man so unpleasant that even his son shuns his policies (although, the fact that he was dobbed in for cannabis possession by his own father may have something to do with it), was defending—probably ineptly and with a lie in every sentence—the government's Iraq policy, when Walter Wolfgang "heckled" him (if Jack thinks that's heckling, he should see a crap stand-up gig in Glasgow).

Firstly, does Jack Straw actually know anything about our Iraq policy? I thought that Saint Tony and Dubya were sorting that lot. Personally, I'd almost forgotten that Jack Straw even existed; much in the way that one tries to forget about a particularly embarrassin…


Your Personality Profile
You are dreamy, peaceful, and young at heart.
Optimistic and caring, you tend to see the best in people.
You tend to be always smiling - and making others smile.

You are shy and intelligent... and a very hard worker.
You're also funny, but many people don't see your funny side.
Your subtle dry humor leaves your close friends in stitches.The World's Shortest Personality Test

There's a raft of personality tests on that site, someof them quite entertaining. They don't take much time either...

Subjects to come...

Your humble Devil has been asked to contribute a rant on the open-mic sesh at The Sharpener, so that will be occupying me for... oh... a couple of hours. It may surprise you to know that ranting comes quite easily to me!

Subjects that are coming up, here at the Kitchen include a vicious—though not unprovoked—attack on that blind fool, Blunkett. I also have some comments on the Israel/Palestine situation, why socialism is inherently unfair, a long post about why Windows is such utter, utter crap, and a few bits and pieces of a scientific nature. Plus, of course, DK's Manifesto in which I may or may not take any notice of what my ministers have said (luckily, I appointed, in the main, people who would suggest things that I would have done anyway: it just gives me a veneer of popular concensus).

For my piece on NHS wastage, you are going to have to visit The Sharpener of a Thursday morning...

Did you know...

... that infants who are given IVs frequently receive the IV in their scalps?
I know it's hard to believe. I know it's grotesque and barbaric . . . but it's one of life's hard-to-accept truths -- like dinosaurs, Mormonism, or Joan Rivers.

You see, on an infant "scalp veins" are easier to find than, oh say, "arm veins" or "butt veins." (I'm sure it's also no less painful.) Another advantage of the Scalp IV is that it prevents the baby from tampering with it . . . the infant's frantic little arms are just too short to reach the top of its own skull . . . or, in this case, the NEEDLE JAMMED in the top of its own skull.

No wonder we can't remember being born.
Another extremely amusing blog has been unearthed by your kinky Devil. He also has a great post up about iPods.
“Our backwards pricing scheme is something any clear-headed adult would catch immediately,” explains Jobs [Apple CEO]. “But these early-20s kids are so caught up in t…

Speaking Welsh

Leopard Spaghetti once more surpasses himself as he ponders upon the nature of the Welsh.
Back in the day, when I was a lowly student reading up on the twin disciplines of particle physics and coprophilia, I had to make money to support myself through university. This was not easy for a lad of my youthful arrogance and self-regard - the thought of working in a Welsh fish-and-chip shop for £2.75 an hour, frying stolen Koi carp in a metal bucket until two in the morning, did not especially appeal to me. I did once work for several weeks in the local council's hill-flattening department - current thinking at the time was that Wales was far too hilly to be a modern economic power, and you couldn't build a conference centre or an Asda anywhere in the countryside without it sliding off the top of something and injuring important sheep. This plainly would not do, so the councils of Wales each set up a hill-flattening team in order to render the principality more amenable to the demand…

A quick roundup

First, an apology: owing to the printers being busy in the pub, the manifesto has not manifested as yet. Hem hem...

Luckily, a plausible excuse, in theat the Energy Minister, had not yet submitted his policies: he has now done so. One suspects that "controversial" would be a nice way of putting it! Feel free to comment...

Secondly, the new Carnival of Britblog is up! Although your humble Devil is not mentioned specifically, he is mentioned via The Kalahari Lighthouse's Quote of the Week which, as it happens, actually came from one of my posts, which mentioned the fragrant Commissioner, whom I described as "a woman rather more out of her depth than a midget in New Orleans". I was quite proud of that one!

I'm going to try to get some more sleep now, I think...

On music

Heads Will Roll

There's dirt in the machine
Where there's oxygen there’s rust
A thousand eyes are blinking
To drown a tiny speck of dust
No I'm not after crashing parties
I want your cobwebbed soul
And believe me
Heads will roll

Do you watch the latest traumas
In radiation dots
Oh the wide-eyed executioner
Gunpowder, treason, plot
Is there an ugly little mirror
Living down there in your hole
Take a good look
And heads will roll

Oh did you think that you'd scrape by
Through all the faultlines you have seen
Did you think you could deny
The shit you're standing in?

So concrete runs in rivers
But there's sugar here to suck
And delivers
With a little bit of luck
There's no new ground being broken
You're just doing as you're told
But any day now
Heads will roll...

Can I point out that Thea Gilmore is one of the best singer/songwriters that I have ever come across? Unfortunately, she seems to be largely ignored, doomed to be feted only by the few people in this country …

Bollocks to Blair

Via Bishop Hill (who is neither a bishop nor a hill. Apparently), this story of a gamekeeper arrested for wearing a bollocks to Blair T-shirt.
Police arrested a 20-year-old gamekeeper for wearing a “Bollocks to Blair” T-shirt at a game fair last weekend A girl was arrested for wearing her “Bollocks to Blair” T-shirt at the Midlands Game Fair last weekend.

Charlotte Denis, 20, a gamekeeper from Gloucestershire, was stopped by police as she left the Countryside Alliance stand because of the “offensive” slogan.

Shocked and dismayed to be made a public spectacle, Denis tried to reason with the officers: “What do you want me to do? Take my top off and wear my bra?”

At this point, two officers marched Denis towards a police car. “They grabbed me as if I was a football hooligan,” she says.
As regular readers will know, I usually re-read 1984 every year or so: obviously, so do this government. Look, guys, its a warning, NOT A FUCKING INSTRUCTION MANUAL.

Much as I hate this shower of shits ruling us…

Capital punishment

Do you see? Do you? Do you observe?

This is what happens when you abolish capital punishment for treason: utter cunts like Charles Clarke pop up, and you are not allowed to kill them painfully. And, do you know what: those people linked to above have written eloquently: me, I can't be bothered. This bunch of bastards simply aren't worth it. Charles, do you see? Are you listening? Listen to this, fuck face:


Right, I'm going to glorify some terrorism: the first person to blow up the bunch of shits ruling us will get treated, by me, to lunch at their favourite restaurant. And there's a Magnum of Moet for the man who shoots Charles Clarke in the head.

For fuck's sake, liberate me ex inferis...


As well as being one of the best sci-fi authors ever (in great part owing to the fact that one likes his characters, rather than wanting constantly to throttle the little shits), Wyndham is also a Triffid and he has two immensely enjoyable posts up: the first, quite reasonably, opines that Guy Ritchie and his ilk should fuck off, and the second bemoans the fact that we, as human beings, can't stand one another.

He's right. I hate you all. But I especially hate Guy Ritchie.

Colder than a corpse's... hem hem...

Hooray for the TPS Scheme, which means so much less of my time, over the last few years, has been wasted by cold-calling bastards trying to sell me useless shit that I don't need or, more pertinently, can't afford.

Which, of course, cold-callers have found a way around, chiz chiz*. Although it is illegal to make "unsolicited direct marketing calls to individuals who have indicated that they do not want to receive such calls", they are allowed to cold-call you to do a "research survey"; thus, they ask you one question, then try to sell you a kitchen, or some windows or some such shit.

Three days ago, I got the ultimate one (and I shit you not; this is gospel): they had heard that, apparently, I would be interested in buying a conservatory, and could they give me a quote? I was very tempted, out of sheer Devilment, to invite them around to measure up, just to see how they were going to work that one...

I live in a fourth floor flat.

*A chiz is a swiz or swindle a…

Devil's Advocate #1

The first in an occasional series in which I present you with a statement which you can debate. I shall listen to these debates, and still declare you wrong at the end, but do have a lovely little gold star for trying, Deirdre, that's a good girl.

"All philosophical arguments boil down, at base, to nothing more than a discussion of semantics."

Sociologist or fraudster?

Yes, yes; it's a pretty generic headline. However, I feel that, once more, I should point you folks to Deogolwulf and his amusing post on sociologist Slavoj Žižek.
If encyclopaedic knowledge is to be mentioned in connection with him at all, then I should think it more appropriate to mention it only in terms of a children’s pictorial encyclopaedia in which some young tyke had augmented the pictures of the monkeys with doodled genitalia. I hardly need add, therefore, that he is the philosopher of choice amongst film students.
Genius, once more! Can I reiterate that you should always read The Curmudgeon: two pedants can't be wrong...

Segregation of bias

Via ChickenYoghurt, my attention has been drawn to this paragraph of this speech by Trevor Phillips, chair of the Commission for Racial Equality (Failed).
But in New Orleans the truth broke the surface. It showed us a society in which the average black child still attends a black majority school. A society in which the average white person returns home at the day’s end to all-white suburbs, where they won’t see a non-white face until they go back to the city the next day. A democracy in which black politicians, with a few notable exceptions, represent black districts, gerrymandered in order to provide the minimum of black representation. An economy in which black businessmen sell their wares largely to a black middle class. And an education system in which most black academics are teaching at all-black colleges or in urban institutions disproportionately packed with ethnic minority students.
Now, I am not suggesting that Mr Phillips, a coloured gentleman, provides, in any way, an intere…

Traitor in the ranks

Sadly, it has come to my attention that, disconcerted the length of time that your humble Devil has taken to compile his manifesto, a certain Minister and his lackey have been plotting against The Benign Dictator.

I'm afraid that this cannot be allowed to happen. However, one does not wish to dispense with his services just yet; the judge will therefore, at his trial for treason next week, be sentencing him to 10 weeks in the next series of Big Brother. This year, we shall be selecting the most crass, most stupid and most offensive people to join him. And he will never be put up for eviction. Although, I am considering putting him in charge of the BB wolves...

As for the rest: the Devil's Kitchen Party Manifesto will be published on this very blog, to a massive fanfare, at 22.00 on Saturday 24th September 2005. This is a date that will soon be known to millions of schoolchildren (and their parents) as the day when Britian started its long climb back to glory, when the state stop…

BBC: bias or bad writing?

The Beeb reports that "an Israeli court has convicted a Palestinian man of masterminding a 2002 suicide bombing during a Passover meal in Netanya that left 29 people dead."

So far so good, you may think; the Israelis are using the rule of law to convict nasty terrorists. That's just what we'd do, eh? However, showing the israelis in an entirely good light just won't do...
The attack planned by Abbas Sayad, a leader within the Palestinian militant group Hamas, was the single deadliest of the five-year Palestinian uprising.

Meanwhile Israeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian who entered a military base being dismantled in the West Bank.

The Israeli army said the man - who was unarmed - ignored warnings to stop.

Palestinian security officials said the man believed the site had already been evacuated by the Israelis.
Right, firstly, it was presumably soldiers who were decommissioning the military base. The man was asked to stop and he didn't. If you were a slightly n…

Smokers: dead men walking

According to Norwegian researchers, smoking just one to four ciggies a day "almost triples a person's risk of dying of heart disease". Wow.
Their work suggests the health impact is stronger for women and that even "light" smokers face similar diseases to heavier smokers, including cancer.

The team tracked the health and death rates of almost 43,000 men and women from the mid 1970s up to 2002.

Their findings appear in the journal Tobacco Control.
So, no agenda there then. Whatsoever.
The researchers believe their conclusions are accurate, even though they had to estimate the projected impact of smoking one to four cigarettes for five years in those light smokers who had smoked for less time.

A significant proportion of the light smokers had also increased their daily consumption over the period of the study.
Ah, right. So this, whilst being presented as fact, is, in fact, mere extrapolation.

Now, don't get me wrong: there really is no way that inhaling smoke is, …

EU "big 3" lose balls down back of sofa

The EU "big three"—Britain, France and Germany—have apparently dropped their "hardline stance" on Iran's nuclear programme.

Instead of demanding that the UN nuclear watchdog report Iran to the Security Council (fuck me! I bet Iran were quivering in their boots at that threat), they are now only "proposing that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should only implicitly threaten Tehran with such action."
The Islamic republic insists its nuclear activities have not violated the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

It has warned that if referred to the Security Council, it could start uranium enrichment - a possible step toward making nuclear arms - and stop allowing unfettered IAEA inspections of its nuclear facilities and programmes.
[The draft resolution] also expresses serious concern that Iran has failed to "re-establish full suspension of all enrichment-related activities", a reference to last month's resumption by Tehran of uran…

Taxing burden

Scouting through a billion different cheap flight sites for a little jaunt in the sun (and, incidentally, my first trip out of the country for about 5 years. Gosh! Using Euros! Never done that before) I am struck, inevitably, by one sad fact: that taxes are an absolute bitch.

One site I have found will do a return trip to the European city of my choice for a mere £95.00. Hooray!

Then, of course, you add the £76 tax and suddenly it's starting to look a little less attractive. Through all the sites that I have found, the same sorry story ensues. Fly from Edinburgh to London, and then to my further destination (with all the interstitial buggering around commensurate with that particular route? £90 return. Oh, hang on, let's whack some tax onto that. Ah, £160 return. Plus the overnight stay and general buggering about. Let's add another £50 onto that.

Essentially, the price for any route that I try to take is, essentially, doubled by taxes. Bastards...


Leopard Spahetti is giving up smoking. It's obviously taking its toll...
I really envy people who seem to be able to give up smoking seemingly at a whim, with no fuss, bother or agonised chewing of their feet.

Now, I'm perfectly well aware that a lot of people who adopt this attitude will be lying. They have the luxury of having already quit, so they can claim what they like, safe in the knowledge that you will never have to witness their crying, raving and screaming, their bloody fingernails and their cacked pants. They are, basically, lying to look cool, and are therefore the very source of pathetic.

The others, the ones who are not lying, at least to themselves,w ere never properly smokers in the first place. That simple. They're deluding themselves into thinking they're Cary Grant or something, and they are gimp-nonces of the first water.

Whatever the reason, these people should ALL be slapped in the chops. Not once or twice, but repeatedy, up and down the day, by a…

Solar warming

I happened to be trawling the comments on the blog of that airhead, Margot Wallstrom, a woman rather more out of her depth than a midget in New Orleans, when I found this story referred to. It seems that, in simple terms, the the sun is getting hotter; that is, its radiation output is increasing.
In what could be the simplest explanation for one component of global warming, a new study shows the Sun's radiation has increased by .05 percent per decade since the late 1970s.

The increase would only be significant to Earth's climate if it has been going on for a century or more, said study leader Richard Willson, a Columbia University researcher also affiliated with NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

The Sun's increasing output has only been monitored with precision since satellite technology allowed necessary observations. Willson is not sure if the trend extends further back in time, but other studies suggest it does.

"This trend is important because, if sustai…

Naked ambition

The ex-Royal Marine known as "the naked rambler" has been rearrested (free registration probably required). He was originally sentenced after being found guilty of a breach of the peace.
STEPHEN Gough, the Naked Rambler, was arrested for refusing to cover up on leaving prison, it emerged yesterday.

The former Royal Marine was stopped by officers as he passed through the gates of Edinburgh's Saughton Prison. He was jailed for two weeks on 9 September after being found guilty of a breach of the peace while on his naked walk covering the length of Britain.

The 46-year-old from Bournemouth was released last Friday after serving half his sentence but did not make it beyond the gates before being stopped.

A police spokeswoman confirmed that Gough was arrested on Friday after refusing to get dressed as he left prison. Gough appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court that day to face a charge of breach of the peace. He was released on bail and will appear in court in December.
Gough and his…

The Royal Mail

Ah, the Royal Mail; a nice safe topic, you might think. Shocking abandonment of the second delivery, post arriving later and later, ad infinitum, ad nauseam...

My memory was jolted by this little story of an Aberdeenshire postie.
An Aberdeen postman who stole hundreds of parcels has escaped a jail sentence.
James Stewart dumped the mail in black wheelie bins outside his house because he wanted to finish his rounds quickly.

His bosses at Royal Mail became suspicious after several people on his Hallfield Road round complained about missing post.

The 25-year-old immediately confessed to the theft of almost 900 packages during August and September last year. He was sacked after an investigation.
A little while ago, the Royal Mail announced record profits with the chief executive, Adam Crozier, receiving a £2.2 million pound bonus. The MSM was outraged, the howls of protests citing the swathe of job cuts, and a recent audit showing that the cpmapny was still managing to lose some 14.4 million it…

That NPT thing again

Curious Hamster has picked up on my post, which was itself a reply to one of his, dealing with Iran and the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

Curious flags up as interesting the fact that, although we generally agree on Iran's policy, we come to very different conclusions about it.
As I see it, the recent aggressiveness of US/UK foreign policy has been a key factor in Iran restarting it's nuclear programme. As such, it has been counter-productive. I believe that a more diplomatic approach is required and I wouldn't support any military action to destroy Iranian nuclear facilities. It would, almost certainly, make the Iranians more determined than ever. We'd just end up with another Iraq, having to invade as the only way to be sure whether or not Iran has WMD. At this stage it looks unlikely that an invasion would be acceptable but it won't surprise me if the option of missile strikes isn't raised before long.
This is not a conclusion that I would disagree with, althou…

The violin

When my brother first formed Carnival of Souls (website under construction: however, if it breaks in your browser, could you let me know?) at school, they were a three piece of guitar, second guitar or keyboards, and violin.

Now, the violin is a very underrated pop instrument, only really being used extensively by folk rockers like Fairport Convention (never the same after the loss of Sandy Denny). However, there is one particular instrumental, in which the Souls double-tracked the violin. In Before (3.5 MB MP3), there is a note which—particularly when I listen to it on my iPod—makes me want to both laugh and cry, or cry with joy and laugh with sadness. I can't think of many other instruments that could do that.

Oh, and a quick plug here: the Carnival of Souls are headlining the Barfly in London on Saturday, October 1st. Go and see them: they are really good live...!

Liver spots

For those of you who hang around the fair city of Edinburgh, can I heartily—as I have before—recommend the farmer's market of a Saturday morning? It takes place on the carpark in Castle Street, and sells many fine things. Through its influence, I have tried such meaty delights as ostrich, wild boar, buffalo and much else besides. It's not that it's particularly cheap, you understand; it's that, when you cook the meat, it doesn't shrink down to nothing. I no longer buy my meat from a supermarket, because it's tasteless, water-infested crap.

However, my absolute and total favourite, and—I'm sure—one of the reasons that I'm in a good mood today, is venison liver. It's absolutely beautiful! Lightly fried with a small bit of red onion and a baked potato, it might be the most delicious thing in the world! Yum!

Today's song selection: Laid...

Weird science?

Leopard Spaghetti ruminates on the nature of weirdness and, as usual, raises a shout of laughter from your kinky Devil!
See, too many people think that "weird" is a criticism. Not as far as I am concerned it's not. Well, not in moderation. You could successfully argue that a child molester who dresses up as a clown is "weird", but then weirdness is a vague concept that can cover all sorts of aberrant behaviour, and is orders of magnitude removed from the weird I am talking about.

How to rule a nation

The G-Gnome has composed an excellent blueprint for Scottish independence which I, as an adopted Scot, wholeheartedly agree with. In fact, it is the only blueprint that I would agree with. And, frankly, we could apply it to England and Wales too. It is essentially, a very neat summation of the policies put forward by my Cabinet.

Now to actually enact it...


Now, I know that a number of bloggers have been talking about electoral reform, probably involving some sort of proportional representation.

Whilst doing so, let's think long and hard about this. Oh, and while we're about it, let's think about this too.

Iran and the NPT

Curious Hamster has a post up about Iran, Korea and the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. It looks like there has been a breakthrough with North Korea, in that it has "given up its nuclear aims". Hang on, didn't they announce a little while ago that they actually had nuclear weapons? Do we see a small bluff? I think we do.

However, Iran is a really interesting one, and I have espoused to a number of people my admiration for whoever is overseeing Iran's foreign policy (despite my loathing for the regime in general). As I have said before, I believe that we invaded Afghanistan and Iraq partly because they were not Iran. My reasoning being this:
After 9/11, the White House had to at least be seen to be doing something. Driving the terrorists out of their boltholes seemed to be a good thing. Iran has been widely acknowledged for many years as a major sponsor of terrorism. However, Iran was militarily strong but, more importantly, it was a figurehead Muslim state. There was no …

The blogging bible*

It's on its way! 2005: Blogged is out on the 18th of November. It's edited by the great architect (not in the Freemason sense. Or not as far as I know) of the Britblog Roundup, Mister Tim Worstall.

Timmy would like some help in flogging publicising this rather lovely edition; after all, it's only 2005 blogged. Given a few more disasters (Gordo's management of the British economy, anyone?) we should be able to up sales to the point at which we can get a 2006 one out. That'd be nice, eh? Anyway, I'll let the man speak:
The first point is that obviously, all of the material is already out there for you to read for free, so why have a print anthology at all? It’s really aimed at that 95% (? 98%?) of the population that doesn’t read blogs at all. In fact, if you add up the traffic of the bigger UK blogs I think you’ll find no more than a million page views a week and of course a lot of those are repeats. That means that even of the 8% of the population that buys more …

On literacy

We are taking the Bank Holiday today so, whilst I am actually working myself, I can do so without quite the same pressure on me. Thus, I shall also be catching up on all those things that have caught my eye—and are sitting as Safari windows in my Dock—over the last week or so. So, let us begin...

Notwithstanding our glorious Pedant-General's assessment of my own capabilities, I do believe that the standard of my written language is pretty good. The same cannot be said, alas, for the typical modern-day student (ripped, bleeding, from the heart of the registration-required area of The Scotsman and brought to my attention by a good friend of mine who may or may not have been involved).
SCOTTISH university students have been accused of missing classes, passing off copied coursework as their own, lacking general knowledge and having poor literacy skills, in a critical report by their lecturers.
Well, obviously, that's not good and that's just the introductory paragraph.
The annual …

A good time...

... had with bookdrunk. But nothing seems better. "I didn't want to make you unhappy" seems stupid from someone, and is preying on my mind. Nothing seems to be working properly; fingers like an arthritic, brain like a blancmange, heart like a very small cinder but pulsing on.

Let's not get sentimental; I am a bad person and have done many bad things. My "moral flexibility" has always been an excuse for weakness and capitulation. But nothing has prepared me for this ludicrous and utter hollowness.

Time to take young Timmy up on his offer, methinks, and NM on his advice. Time to remove myself for a little while. Who knows? Find something new, as when the world was old and unexplored. Too much of me though, and not enough of ME. One rambles and prevaricates, but knows that those things that are real will always come to those that are in limbo. Like the great long-legged scissorman, who came to Conrad though he didn't believe. He believed when his thumbs were…