Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Twin evils unite: ID Cards and the EU

Nosemonkey has been following the latest developments in the ID Card and general surveillance debate. He surmises that the best way for this weasel government to get their filthy Bill passed is, quite simply, not to bother with parliament.
So, your own Treasury is reluctant and your own parliament can't be trusted to vote the way you want them to? Simple - pop over the Channel and try and get your plans imposed on the country from Brussels (or, in this case, Strasbourg). ID cards - even if not quite such hardcore ones as Blair's lot want to impose - have existed in several EU states for years. Most can't see the problem, and would likely not need to change much should some new EU legislation over ID come into force - in Germany, Italy and France, not to mention several other countries, ID cards are simply a fact of life. So French, German, Italian and God knows how many other MEPs would - the Blair government hopes - simply not understand the fuss, and vote through new legislation, to become binding on Britain, without even thinking about it.

So, the Safety Elephant made his speech to the EU Parliament today, and Nosemonkey has obligingly translated it. It is, as suspected, a speech imploring the imposition of extraordinarily intrusive measures upon the people of Europe, but most especially us in Britain. The EU, of course, will love it: the whole thing reeks of integrationary opportunity, and when could that bunch of fucks ever pass up the opportunity to screw us, eh?

One thing that NM did not pick up on was this particular Clarke gem:
"This is not a sterile debate about principles but about practical measures to contest criminality and out opponents.

Right, call me paranoid if you like, but... um... these opponents. Opponents of what exactly? How about the largely internet-based No2ID campaign (which I myself am signed up to)? They oppose the ID cards, so they are opponents, right? And they conduct a lot of their campaign through the web and email and other electronic methods, yes? So, this data retention that Clarke's proposing; will it be used to... er... track those particular people. I hope not; some of my emails have been known to be occasionally scatalogcal and often downright offensive.

So, just in case I am soon to be hauled off to the slammer (and held without trial naturally. I mean, I could be a terrorist: one never knows how far these anti-ID card campaigners may go, eh, Sarge?) or shot in the face a few times, I would just like to put this on record.

This is the most mendacious, dishonest, endemically corrupt, power-hungry, incompetant, illiberal fucking shower of shits that has ruled this country—probably ever—apart from the shower of bigger shits who infest that stinking cesspit of evil known as the European Union. Anyone who voted for this government should be deeply ashamed, but not as ashamed as the so-called Opposition should be. Anyone who voted for the European Union should be... Oh, hang on. Well, had we ever been given a vote on joining the European Union, anyone who voted for it should be ashamed too. We are ruled by shits, fuck them all. And let the DK Party ride to the rescue!

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