Monday, September 12, 2005

Home Office—Jardyce

Jarndyce is at the Home Office and, unlike the P-G, believes that they entire Home Office should be disbanded, as it is full of pointless idiots.
Pretty simple task for the Home Secretary: abolish the Home Office.

The HO is nothing more than a sclerotic hangover from centuries of repressive bureaucratic internal security. It does the stuff that loyal knights used to do, with added laptops. At least they weren't shy about giving it its proper name in the USSR; we pussyfoot around with a cuddly sounding pseudonym. But it can't justify its existence without introducing endless policies, all of which have the sole aim of extending control, curtailing freedom, or (even better) both. Its existence is nothing more than a temptation to managerialist politicians to DO SOMETHING when in fact they ought to be doing exactly nothing. See this.

Add a proper written constitution (based on European and international law and British unwritten precededent, which is actually fairly extensive just uncodified), then think about what exactly we need a Home Secretary for. The judges can look after the rights and wrongs of new legislation, the police would be localised and democratised - the whole Clarke-Ian Blair lovefest over the execution of De Menezes couldn't be repeated. The administration of immigration would be transfered to a body that stands outside and above politics. Follow that link above: it tidies up some of the bits and pieces.

If you don't agree, let me ask this: can you think of one single policy introduced by a recent Home Secretary that was any use? Thought not. Somehow I can't see that getting any better when the database state arrives.

I must say, I think that he's stumped me on that one. As an addenum, Jarndyce adds this:
See this link which details the structure of the Home Office. I mean, what the fuck do these people do? Cohesion equality, Active communities, two departments wholly administrative in function (HR, and Finance and Commercial). Complete waste of money.

We need a couple of bodies. One each for:
  • 1. Prisons and offenders. Rehabilitation and re-education (e.g. I'd make basic skills - like reading - compulsory for all granting of parole, an idea I stole from John B at Shot by Both SWides, to give him the proper credit)

  • 2. Immigration - an area that has only been poisoned by every political intervention. Needs hiving off and making independent.

  • 3. Internal security - MI5, 6 and all that. Probably warrants a minister (junior cabinet level) of its own, to ensure proper scrutiny.


I think that the man may have a point. But surely someone has to organise the P-G's public floggings?

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