Friday, September 02, 2005

DK's Blogger Cabinet

Just blogging about all this change has got me quite worn out! So, naturally when I put it into practice, I am going to need to help; so here are the future rulers of this country.

UPDATE 5/9/05: thanks for your responses people. Here's the updated Cabinet.
UPDATE 6/9/05:: Ministers for the Arts appointed!
UPDATE 7/9/05:: Ministers for Transport and Health appointed!
UPDATE 8/9/05:: Ministers for Education appointed!
Feel free to lob in your own nominations. We need a Welsh and Irish Office (it makes them feel valued). We probably need something to do with Arts and Sport (but keeping them very separate, thank you very much). Please lob nominations into the comments, and the definitive list will be published shortly.

And once again, I cannot stress enough that I am getting quite keen on my ideas; however, they are ideas only. If you have any data on tax revenue, please throw it my way (please, don't ask me for figures; if you know to ask, then you probably know more than I do!). What I am ideally looking for is, if you like, profit figures. If VAT is worth £75 billion to the Treasury, as Owen has asserted, then how much does it currently cost to collect that amount (in the case of VAT, an awful lot, I should imagine). Help me get these ideas into something concrete and viable; or maybe they aren't viable, but I refuse to believe that this crappy system that we currently have is the only possible option! Thanking you in advance...

[In case anyone is interested, the illustration which now graces this site is one of three that I did for a production of the Yorkshire Mystery Plays, a little over a year ago. It is—quite appropriately—the angel, Lucifer, at the moment of his fall.]

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