Thursday, September 08, 2005

DK Party Takes Its Stand

Ladies and gentlemen; I think that we are all agreed that we need a decent opposition to this piss-awful bunch of shits ruling us. I think that we also agree that the Conservative Party is rubbish, and has no idea what it is doing. I have my sponsor for the next GE (a print company: how very helpful), so this is theory now; it may not be in four or five years' time.

All of those bloggers on this cabinet have been elected because I think that they can, and will, produce the country that I want whilst being able to balance my recklessness with prudence (and not in the Gordon Brown sense). We are all blogging about what a shithole—economically, intellectually and socially—this country has become. What more evidence do we need that Tim, possibly our best economic consultant, lives in Portugal?

We need to make this country a better place; in fact, we can make this country a better place. I present to you, the DK Cabinet.

The Cabinet, in no particular order:

I would like, as I said, a maximum of three policies by this coming Monday. EU-Serf, and a couple of others, have already obliged. Please do so in the comments to this post or, preferably, email: chris AT devilskitchendesign DOT com

Oh, and Queen Spanky can be PR Whore if she wishes...

Anyway, you bloggers: post, for we will rule...

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